Unfortunately, this is what MLM does

It splinters families, destroys relationships and renders most in its path completely and utterly broke.

As others have mentioned, your mom is being told daily that anyone with anything negative to say about her business (her hopes & dreams) should not be in her life. So you definitely want to be careful in how you deal with her now.

Lol…I can recall my own father asking me hypothetically if I would take $2,000/week salary right now in exchange for my MLM business. My answer? Not a chance because I just KNEW how far this was going to go.
I’m glad I can laugh at it now! I so respected my father and KNEW he didn’t buy the MLM thing but he never said anything against my business. Just that he hoped I was right and was happy that I was happy, etc.

One thing I would be clear on though and that is to not enable her via financial support.

Good luck!