On the “business meetings” and “trainings”

Yeah, I’ve been to a few of them now (on the local, regional, and international levels) and they are running together because there is so little substance being imparted. I’ve attended real business meetings and trainings before and some of the stuff they do in those “trainings” just wouldn’t fly.

About a year and a half ago in college, I took a series of 4 timeshare classes which dissected every caveat of a scripted presentation (if not for that class I may have taken the Kool-ade and need windex for my eyes LOL). Additionally, it’s also where their “top salesperson” came into the class and proudly stated that he outright makes up stories that he uses to sell the product. Ever since then I don’t trust anything at face value that someone is telling me that I can’t independently verify with multiple sources.

I’m someone who doesn’t like to “Buy into” things anyway and unfortunately it sometimes comes off as callousness or humorlessness;
and that’s part of the issue. She sees my lack of faith in the system as being negative, while I on the other hand see both sides of the issue and know what it truly is. I don’t want to have to shut away my instincts and credibility to only be rewarded with money (if that is even the reward), it’s plain not worth it.

Speaking about research though, I’ve done plenty into brainwashing and cults so some of the methods were familiar to me.