I know your post wasn’t asking for a solution

(and I don’t really have one) but I wanted to comment, nonetheless.

One of the most valuable resources we humans have — if we’re tuned into it — is our instincts. If this whole scenario goes against ‘that voice inside your head’ then my advice is: “Listen to yourself!”

I ache for you. I hear how much you want to support you mom. How much, frankly, support she ‘needs’ — and it’s put you in a tough position.

Don’t let anything or anyone interfere with school, pal. Keep that as your own, sacred shrine. College isn’t everything, no doubt, but don’t allow family or friends to sway you from your goal. Life is long. If ACN (or another ‘opportunity’) is in your future, it can wait until AFTER you graduate.

Sounds like mom is in that ‘desperation’ mindset, something with which I’m intimately familiar. (That was *me*!) There’s just so much ‘reasoning’ with her to be done. Back in the day, you probably couldn’t have talked much sense into me about Amway (unless you pointed me to this site and I actually READ the posts with an open mind). I WANTED to believe so much that you, ANYone who was “negative” toward the “opportunity” was considered a “dream stealer.”

It’s all so clear NOW. But back THEN? My head was as hard as a walnut (with reasoning capabilities proportional to the size of the ‘brain’ inside).

I wish you and your family the best. Take care of *yourself.* And by that, I mean: if this feels wrong or uncomfortable, friends AND family will just have to respect that. And if they don’t, that isn’t YOUR issue, it’s theirs.