Happy Easter, I have a question

My husband and I don’t have credit card debt but are trying to build our savings account up. We live paycheck to paycheck and have no big savings and only a small college fund for our son (he’s almost 6). My question is do you have any tips for saving without giving up your car payments? I know Dave really stresses to buy something you can pay cash for but my hubby says we are not getting rid of our cars. I have a 3+yo van and he has a 1 yo truck. He’s willing to bend other places but not on our cars. Are there any of you out there that still have car payments and how are you making progress? We’re going to sell our timeshare in Williamsburg, VA too. Thanks for your suggestions!

I have a dumb question, but please read it through

I have a bill collector who is begging me to settle. I do agree that I made the debt and therefore I need to pay it full, even if just to ease my conscience. This bill collector keeps telling me the company needs to close the account sooner rather than later, due to the “value” of money today versus in the future, among other reasons. Can they force me to settle by taking me to court? I have already paid more than the offered settlement amount. At some point, can they send me a letter saying it is settled even if I haven’t agreed to a settlement? I’m just curious.