None of it

1) They’ve contacted you three times, each time with a completely different amount.
2) They don’t get to determine where the money comes from. You list your assets. If this is the only asset you have the court is far more likely to garnish wages than to take the vehicle your husband uses to get to and from work.
3) You need to tell them the next time they call that you are formally requesting proof of the debt pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Act.

Some of these collectors are legit and you really will have to settle with them. Others aren’t and it’s a scam. The higher the pressure and the more inconsistent their requests the more I smell a scam. The first ones will respond to your mention of the Fair Debt Collection Act, the second may not–but they’re not in a position to sue either.

I just got another call from the debt collector

Now I don’t have until Monday to pay this debt. I now have to pay them $1981 immediately or they will take me to court to take my husband’s vehicle. What should I do at this point since I don’t have that much money and have no way of getting it. She told me I shouldn’t be feeding my baby or putting a roof over my family’s head if I couldn’t pay them. She said dh’s car is worth over $5000 and she would get it from us. Actually, with the body damage to it, it’s not worth $1500, but she won’t believe that. She also said they could make dh miss time from work to go to court over this. How much of this should I believe?