I’m not sure if I’m doing this in the right order or not, but here goes:

I have 2 months worth of the water bill pre-paid and since I use balance billing for the electric (and hardly ever use the central heat), I’m ahead there a smidge, almost a month ahead with the gas bill. I need to get in a good supply of Kerosene though, since I think this winter will be a chilly one.

I was telling Jan that I’m damned if I know how it happened, but the water bill dropped dramatically when the ex left. Maybe he was selling it in gallon jugs on the side of the road?! And I’m talking to the tune of $50 a month! So within 3 months I was $200 ahead of the bill, so much so that the water company called and told me not to make a payment the next month. Talk about a shocker (pleasant!).

My understanding is that we are striving to ultimately get to 3 – 6 months ahead on bills or better?

Thank you all for your thoughts

We were leaning towards doing it, but wanted to make sure I’m not being totally stupid. My husband isn’t able to do any additional weekend work because of a disability, and I am already to the max with my job and some part-time consulting I pick up on weekends. We’re hoping my husband continues to move up the ladder where he is now to help us dig out. Even if we made an extra one or two hundred on the side, with the interest rates we have on our current mortgage, it will take so much longer to dig out from this horrible loan. Hoping to stay accountable here to not spend the freed up money on paying stupid taxes in other areas (like out major downfall of the past…going out to eat!!!)